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World environment day in Bamenda Cameroon

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Aaron Kaah

The center for appropriate technology steals the show on world environment day in Bamenda Cameroon. Activities marking the world environment day took place in Bamenda Cameroon on June 6 th 2011 at the Bamenda commercial avenue ground stand with the north west governor Abakat Ahamat calling on the environmental stakeholders to give the environment and forest maximum protection and sustainability. The state man said a healthy environment was a prerequisite for a healthy community. The governor charged the environmental regional delegates present at the event to give the theme Forest: Nature at your service mportance by preaching the importance by checking excess human activities on the environment. He explained that the best tool against the adverse effect of climate change was to keep the environment safe by planting trees and flowers.

In an exhibition on the alternative ways of protecting the forest and environment, the center for appropriate technology under the Director Njini Victor exhibited a bio gas facility sourced by pig droppings as a cheap means of providing energy for cooking and domestic usage in the rural communities where dependence on the environment and forest was dominate Mr. Njini stole the day as he also exhibited a solar parabolic cooker that absorbed energy from the sun for the cooking of rice and mushroom during the event to the amazement of all and sundry. Mr. Njini called upon the government services to make good use of the technology which according to him was cheap and affordable and the best efficient way of energy management. Whileanswering questions from the press and the public, the Director of the center for appropriate technology (CAT) explained that h is dreams were to link the rural communities in Cameroon with this simple but powerful tool that could energize the protection of the forest and environment. He said the task of CAT was to link the theme of the event to the practical solutions of environmental sustainability. Other exhibitors showcase the importance of grafted economic trees as other ways of protecting the environment and forest. A match past by environmental associations and a musical concert on the theme ““One more tree now” also spiced the event. The United Nations has declared 2011 as the international year of the forest to shine the light on the significance of protecting the environment and forest.


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