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Aaron Kaah

Opportunities are emerging everywhere around the world for the poor rural people who make life even without any change in the pocket. The possibilities for this new lease of life according to Prof Nobert Pintsch and Dr. Senta Siller of the Senior Expert (SES) in Germany arise from the enormous and unused potentials of these people and the need to use alternative technologies and method’s of constructions, based on traditional knowledge.

Today a social scheme based on self-help income generation has appeared at the door steps of these local people poor in less developed countries. Hand made crafts Dolls, and Toy’s in harmless friendly shape’s and seizes showcasing the traditional garments of their tribes and cultures are not only on exhibition, but on sale’s. This initiative carried and encourage by prof Nobert and Dr. Senta is helping to preserve the cultures of many tribes. The local people have also been taught to accept that setting up local crafts industry’s could be a good source of income generation for them. Today most of these dolls and crafts not only alleviate poverty for the concern’s but helps to market their artistic know-how, and cultures around the world. Without money for a start and a willing heart, the natural resources like bamboos, wood could get any person interested in craft to start up or a needle and piece of clothe to start a business in doll or toy making. Dolls from Bamenda – Cameroon market the rich multicoloured North West regalia of this part of Africa, while toys and dolls from Pakistan redynamise the image of that country that was once in ruins because of war..

The dolls of the world international network has already provided milk and honey to many people, and home’s and Hopes have being reconstructed with beauty and fashion today holding the keys to cultural heritages.

Prof. Nobert and Dr. Senta Siller coordinate projects in the following areas around the world.

- Cameroon - Bamenda Handicrafts and Appropriate technologies.
- Pakistan HC /
- Greece HC / AT
- Germany HC / AT
- Iceland HC / AT
- Dubai HC / AT
- Colombia HC / /

With local base institutions coordinating the activities of these local people in these countries, some of handicrafts have appeared in international museums, while some of the dolls have won public admirations in exhibition grounds. Today TV documentaries and news papers reports have helped to foster these dreams. For the SES, experts there is always gold at the backyard of the local people.

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At September 6, 2011 at 3:33 PM, Anonymous sap project systems said...

Good for you! This is an awesome tribute, using technology for the help of the needed ones in least fortunate parts of the world. I wish you the very best and hope you keep updating us weekly.


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