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Anjali Nayar in Cameroon

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Anjali Nayar with a group of soccer fans in Cameroon

During breakfast I was entranced by the Cameroonian jersey-clad dancers, rhythmically hip-thrusting their way across my television screen. It was the music video for local musicians Ebel La Gloire and Macha's latest song: "The Lions in the image of a lion."

"Let's go the Lions, the Indomitable Lions. You are the joy of the country. Cameroon is behind you," sung Macha in the first verse. Enlightening as much as it is entertaining. I've uploaded a clip of the music video to YouTube, so you can try your luck at the accompanying body vibrations.

I headed out on to the streets, where I waded in a sea of green, red and yellow soccer jerseys, shorts, tracksuits, caps, wristbands and bandanas and that is just the beginning.

In the sky above me, there was a billboard of Eto'o "reaching for greatness" (ostensibly greatness is a Guinness beer).

Read here and see images here.

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