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Treating the study tour team to a hilarious welcome in a joint forum, the Bamendakwe Dairy Cooperative and the Unity Farmers Common initiative groups in electrifying voices and displays in their numbers radiated the open satisfaction and joy and in their hearts in reverend songs and dancing. In a welcome address to the August guest, the representative of the groups narrated the history of their love story with Heifer Cameroon in their community and said from 2002 the group members had kept over 78 animals, with some sold and others as POG. The speaker nailed down the benefits of the projects to improved nutrition and income for emergency spending. The representative decried the high cost of dairy inputs and low government subventions, fluctuating market for dairy products and the bottlenecks in the certification of dairy products in Community. In a discussion chat that followed, the farmers where challenged to continuously share their experiences in a bid to expand on their production and to seek advice where necessary from Heifer Project Cameroon.

In a brief address to the Farmers the leader of the day for the study tour team Bill Minton appreciated the farmers for their tremendous experiences that taught them practical experiences in family life, care for the earth and sharing and love. “We are grateful you improved your lives” he said. Bill explained that the valves of keeping animals were the same and productive any where. “Please stay focus and be patient, you are in the right direction” he ended.


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