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Aaron Kaah

The centre for appropriate technology CAT based in Bamenda Cameroon has being making remarkable strides since 2001 in providing relatively cheap renewable energy sources to the local populations “CAT” focus on appropriate technology systems that are affordable, and within the techniques competence of the poor on the other hand enabling them to identify their needs and technical options. While CAT favour’s the use of local natural resources that can be exploited in small scale manner. The organisation networks with local councils, community’s schools and health institutions CIGs, government, civil society and companies to deliver and design appropriate technologies in Cameroon.

Today CAT’s dream has actually been coming true with the technical support provided by Prof. Nobert Pintsch and Dr. Senta Siller resource person’s from the senior expert service of Germany. The collaboration between CAT and SES of Germany over time has fostered the development of traditions and cultural specificities of certain villages, enhancing the value of production by hand of artistic creation and taught a chain of women groups and organisations in the central villages of the city of Bamenda that it is possible to alleviate poverty without money but, with the resource available around their livelihood. Prof. Nobert Pintsch and Dr. Senta Siller have combined their technical know how in the domain of appropriate technology and handicrafts to link CAT to other friendly projects in Germany, Pakistan, Iceland, Columbia, Greece help income generation projects in Bamenda like hand made dolls, necklaces dress making etc are having their products sold around the world. A project development in Handicrafts has also being envisage between (NOWECA) North West Crafts Association and centre for appropriate technology CAT by the SES expert to better the lot of the farmers.

CAT is also boasting of a CAT club in the Bamenda University of science and technology BUST; since 2002 . Prof. Nobert Pintsch has being offering short term courses to the students of that institution on appropriate technology, and which later culminated with the expert donating some dental equipment to the institution. There are all indications that things are not only changing for CAT, but for the people of the North West Province of Cameroon, who are today celebrating their cultures, life styles and artistic know how through handicrafts, toys and dolls. According to the CEO of CAT Njini Victor his institution has also witness and improvement in technical output though finances are needed to kick start many ventures. While CAT continues to look up to the senior expert service for aid, the hand dolls and toys produced by women groups in Bamenda have continued to portray that women in poverty anywhere in the world can use what they have to buy their way out of poverty.

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