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Aaron Kaah

Grady Bishop, the Director Sales Marketing, Elanco Animal Health during his Cameroon visit.

Q What was the purpose of your visit?

Grady: To learn more about Heifer Cameroon projects and the impact on the lives of the people. We are also using this opportunity to share our expertise of swine production and to learn from the rich experiences of the Heifer Cameroon assisted farmers.

Q Who are those who make up your team?

Grady: Elanco Animals health employees, Pig veterinarians, Pig nutritionist.

Q You have visited individual farm families, what are your general observations?

Grady: The animals are clean and healthy and the evidence is that the people are happy and removed from poverty and we have seen that the quality of life in the homes of those assisted is much better than before.

Q How do you intend to solve some of the challenges these farmers have presented?

Grady: we will give presentations, do blogging, write articles and give out personal testimonies to our friends and families as well as our colleagues on the best solution to give back to these farmers in Cameroon.

Q What message are you leaving with these groups and farm families?

Grady: They are doing a very good job in taking proper care for their animals and on behalf of the team I exalt the farmers and the groups to continue the good work and our best wishes in the future.

Q What message are you taking along?

Grady: Heifer International is a very good organization for the work they are doing. The farm families and these communities have changed for ever. We have lived first hand experiences the impact of these animals much more than we could imagine. We have appreciated better health, pride, dignity and hope for the future. We are proud of the collaboration. Thank you.


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