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CAT Cameroon trains teachers in ICT’S

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Some 9 teachers from some secondary schools in Nkum sub division of Bui division in the North West region of Cameroon are undergoing a computer soft and hard ware course   as well as a pedagogy mentoring during this summer holidays organized by the center for appropriate technology in Bamenda Cameroon. The course which started on 14th May 2011 is aimed at expanding the learning of ICT’s in some rural communities in Cameroon through the class room. 

According to the Director of CAT Cameroon Njini Victor, computer learning and knowledge is alien to most schools and colleges in Cameroon and the need to link up these kids to the outside world    and their kind in the cities is necessary.    These 9teachers from the Nkum Sub division have been selected to lead the pilot phase of this project which according to CAT will run up to 2025. After the training the ear marked schools and colleges will be supplied refurbished computers to institute the actual learning and teaching of the course to the pupils and students.

CAT also intends to supply these schools and colleges which are mostly in Cameroon suburbs with solar electricity systems, so that the beneficiaries can access these computers. Due to bad roads and poverty, the Nkum community in Bui Division of Cameroon had being enclave.  It is in this back drop that (CAT) center for appropriate technology thought it wise to envisage this project. The 9 teachers enjoying this largess have only paid a token participatory fee 23% as CAT has shouldered the funding of the project. These teachers come from the following schools: 
GTC Nseh
Islamic secondary school
GSS Kuflu
GSS NgendzenGHS Dzeng
GSS Dzevru
GTC  Mbiin.

The center of appropriate technology is depending on SES BONN  ‐  Germany under the patronage of Norbert Pintsch to afford computers to these schools and colleges. The teachers are mentored by Tafon Joel and Director of CAT Njini Victor with moral support from Dr Kenneth Lukong of the University of Bamenda Cameroon. 

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