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Aaron KAAH

An emotionally riveting account of human suffering in the contemporary world has being nailed down in a 92 page book by the chaplain of Mbingo Annex Baptist hospital Kengok John Ngokse in Bamenda Cameroon. The book that was dedicated and launched recently at a local Baptist church in Bamenda brings to bear the hope beneath human suffering in a world wrecked by trials, illness and afflictions’. According to this budding writer and prelate this book is intended to highlight the biblical view of human suffering and the how the world can turn to God in search of hope and mercies in their trials. Pastor John’s use of personal pronouns gives the reader an unquenchable test to peruse the pages. 

The writer takes his inspiration from his CBC health service ministry where he has  worked for decades as counselor for the HIV and AIDS victims. His personal daily encounters with clients in pains and tribulation caused by HIV and AIDS brought about the project. In a simple and testimonial style the man of God points to the cross of Christ Jesus as the only saving arms that can redeem human pain and suffering. Dedicating the book the Rev, Pastor Sam Jato of the RBC Bamenda, exalted the author for being a touch bearer of hope and love to a devastated world. He called upon Christians and the readers to give the book meaning by living its prescriptions and recommendations. A prayer of thanks sanctioned the heavily attended service.

Pastor Kengok John joined the CBC health service as chaplain in 2001 and has served in many capacities. He holds a BA in theology of education from the ECWA theological seminary in Jos. He is married and has four children. 

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