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Cheap and affordable energy for the rural communities in Cameroon. CAT Cameroon boasts energy supply in Remote Akwaya Community

Aaron k Yancho in Akwaya

Kerosene lamps and sore eyes were once routine elements of grading student’s home work at the Akwaya community for many decades.. But a mini hydro power installation plant has dramatically changed all that this October 2012. Mr. Enong Mathias can now proudly go through the pile of books stocked on his table, without worrying that the onset of darkness will put an end to his night work thanks to this new mini hydro energy. Today, Cameroon remote villages like Akwaya in the South West Region of Cameroon are tapping this free and clean energy source from sunlight and waterfall to generate electricity in their homes and to meet up with their dreams of civilization.

The Akwaya locality with a population of over 15000 people mostly subsistent peasant farmers is one of Cameroon landlocked area, with modern communication gadgets alien to the people as a result of no access road network to the area and the absolute lack of energy supply. Communication to the outside was a nightmare to the local people, and the proper functioning of government structures in the area was only a wish. A government installed and run telecenter powered by a generator in the area was only to assist the fortunate class reach beyond the boarders of the community. These huge challenges nib the economic potentials of the area in the bud, pitifully, school children and students in the area, used kerosene lamps to get their assignments done. For the student community of the locality the best alternative was to do their home work before sunset.

Thankfully this is now a headache of the past. A mini hydro-power funded by the Akwaya council at the cost of 42 million has gone into use. According to the director of CAT/center for appropriate technology Cameroon Njini Victor. The contractor of the mini-hydro-power the hydro power is delivering 18watts of clean, free energy in 3 phases which means industrial appliances are already under use. According to Njini Victor eleven government offices, nine households and twelve business premises and some major streets are already lighted. To ensure a sustainable life span of the project, some seven council workers have also been trained to mange the energy system, including maintenance, billing of clients and its security

Besides enabling government offices to function properly and for civil servants to do their jobs well, communication with the outside world is a possible reality for the people of the Akwaya community. A lot of average income, peasants are harnessing this new mini hydro energy power fortune to run small businesses. Entrepreneur Ebai James operates a maize grinding mill with reliable all round available 24 hours energy supply; he can work into the wee hours of the night to meet the demands of his customers.

The price of a call, at the telecenter once run by a generator has also drop, due to the hydro energy supply. The excitement at the landlocked Akwaya communities is high and the energy supply is sure to unlock the great potentials of the locality.

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At January 11, 2013 at 2:16 AM, Anonymous International calling said...

Nice effort it helps lots of people and student to prepair and complete their project. And its true that communication with the outside world and your loved once is very important so the mini hydro-power helps lots.

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