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Farmers Seeking Renewable Energy in Cameroon

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Bio gas technology increases food crop production and income security


Some livestock farmers in Cameroon with animal dung are now adopting bio gas technology facilities in a bid to improve sustainable natural resource management by improving soil fertility and to reduce deforestation for fuel wood. The project which is supported by a development organization working in the area of poverty alleviation and care for the earth is helping these rural resource limited Farmers to increase crop and animal production from using the full potentials of digester affluent as organic fertilizer and crop waste from harvest to feed animals.

At the bamendakwe community in the NW-Region of Cameroon some farmers share the benefits there are deriving from this technology which they say is cheap and affordable.


These bio gas digesters have enhanced the social status of these farmers in their communities and have reduced their dependent on fuel wood leading to environmental conservation.

The Radio-Interview you can be heard here.


Question from Mr Aaron: What is the benefit of this bio gas technology to your household?

Answer from three farmers: Question given Mr. Njini Victor, an expert in renewable energy and the director of the center for appropriate technology Cameroon CAT –CAMEROON.

Victor has been actively involved in the installation of this new technology.

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