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Cameroon is not just an emergent destination, it is also a place to get you away from it all and come back feeling different. Discover "all of Afica" in One country (Cameroon). The Country is strategically located. Stretching from the Atlantic Ocean South of the Equator to the Sahel, has made Cameroon a country characterized by extremely diversified fauna and flora, climate and landscapes, and by a multitude of customs and traditions (240 ethnic groups).

With natural beaches in Kribi and Limbe and many colorful bays, is appropriate for sea-side tourism. Visit the Central and South-Western parts of the country and discover what is called ever-green vegetation and plan an excursions, picnic or ecoutourism.

Do not fail to visit the main ecological sites of Cameroon: The Dja Reserve classified as a world heritage site by UNESCO; it is one of the few remaining gorilla sanctuaries in the world. Mount-Cameroon (4070) high) an active volcano with a flora which can be traced back to the Quaternary.

The Korup National Park, a living museum of over 30 million years old where you can find more than 400 plant species, including medicinal plants; zoo bird species; 174 reptiles and amphibians, as well as 140 fish species living in the various rivers that cross the Park.

You will also experiencet the temperate climates of the Western region and its mountainous landscape. It is considered as the stronghold for Cameroon's folklore and handicraft.

The Northern part of Cameroon, with its numerous national parks and enchanting landscapes is a Godsend for lovers of safari photo and hunting. More to that, a legendary political stability and a favorable legal framework are factors conductive to tourism investment in Cameroon.

That is Cameroon, a place to be.

Please visit this special platform dedicated to the promotion of tourism in Cameroon . Picture: Thorsten Bongartz.

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