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CAT-Cameroon and its volunteers bring knowledge on Appropriate Technology to the Staff and Students of the Baptist Comprehensive College Nkwen Bamenda

The learning community of the Baptist comprehensive college Nkwen Bamenda has pledged to continuously keep their environment neat and to manage waste in a sustainable manner. The principal of the institution Mr Bominang Eugene made the recommendation last Feb,14th 2012 on behalf of his students and colleagues on the occasion of an open door day organized by CAT Cameroon in collaboration with two German visiting volunteers Lutz and Renate from the German Senior Expert Service under the theme youths for a better environment.

In a brief lecture to the students during the event, the director of the Center for Appropriate Technology NjiniVictor thanked the BCC student community for accepting to share with them the benefits of sustaining and protecting the environment. Victor appreciated the staff for embracing their wish to talk to the students about renewable forms of energy that was a solution to the needs of people in the rural areas. He further explained to the students that the role of CAT Cameroon was to promote and provide solar energy plates and low cost building material so as to maximize the protection of the environment and nature. In a question and answer session on what could be done to protect the environment the students said tree planting, pollution control and proper waste disposal were the solutions. Talking on the advantages of solar energy victor told the students that it was cheap and affordable as well as efficient for house lighting and cooking. The CAT director laid the students through a demonstrative exhibition on how solar plates trap energy for storage and usage.

In response to the lectures and demonstration the principal of the school Mr Bomingang Eugene said that they were over whelmed with joy and excitement to be part of the CAT open door project. Mr Eugene thanked the CAT director and his volunteers for thinking about them for the second time running in the knowledge sharing campaign on appropriate technology. The school boss called on his students to keep the knowledge and to be custodians of environmental protection in school and off the classroom. He pledged to make appropriate technology lesson a compulsory course for those students of the technical department of his institution.

The CAT volunteers from Germany Lutz and Renate animated the event with musical drills and comic displays to the excitement of the students. The gift of a football to the students by the volunteers brought thunderous applauds in the hall. In appreciation to the gift and sketches, the student’s senior prefect said the lessons as well as the sketches and ball were very significant not only for their entertainment but learning process. The senior student thanked CAT and the volunteers for thinking about them every year and for working to improve the lives of people in the semi urban centers and in the rural communities.

The Baptist Comprehensive College Nkwen Bamenda has some 176 students enrolled in to the three learning departments of the school. (Commercial, Grammar and Technical.)

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