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Development of the Oku Sub-Division

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Aaron kaah Yancho

A Lobbying and advocacy organization for the development of the Oku sub division in the North West Region has been formed and named the Oku Opinion leaders Association

The association which has as tasked to support Government action in the general interest of the Oku people world wide void of partisan lines, ensure the security and safety of government structures and officials sent to Oku and to forge meaningful alliances for the socio economic development of Oku sub division was created last Feb 24th 2012 at Elak Oku with Mr. Kenkoh Emmanuel as pioneer coordinator.

Before the formation of this association, the development of Oku Sub division had been thwarted by political wrangling and power tussle by its top elite and politicians for many years. The subtext for this was unmistakable- the poor execution of public contracts in the area, juvenile delinquency, food insecurity and backbiting and rumor mongering. In this meeting that congregated both the SDF and CDPM top militants and elderly intellectuals, some controversial political figures and petition writers, the brain child of the lobby and advocacy group Kenkoh Emmanuel a teacher by training called on the participants to bury their personal differences and to work for the peace and development of the Oku Sub division. Mr. Kenkoh said a fog of guilt and hostility weighed over Oku because of ill faith, bad blood and selfishness. According to Emmanuel this led to a long standing bad socio political history which seemed to have worked extremely very hard to kill the prosperity and unity of the Sub division.

Reflecting on the words of Kenkoh Emmanuel and the way forward for Oku, the participants and politicians unanimously agreed that a lot of bitter experiences had taught Oku lessons which saw an out burst in petition writing and unpleasant social unrest. One by each the elite said it was a dream come true to seat as one man and to bury rancor and discord. To give themselves courage, the participants remembered in a minute of silence those who had jumped out of the world before them and in a fitting tribute to their commitment and a moving demonstration of love for Oku took a strong worded resolution to work only for the interest of Oku sub division. A five man committee was elected to nurse the association with Hon. Fai Mbuh Yang Daniel and SN Tamfu Wambeng as resource persons with the D.O for Oku, Mayor Ngum Jerome, and MP Kwei Andrew Mngo as advisers.

It is still very early to apprehend what challenges may rock the Oku Opinion Leaders Association but only fears for a financial vulnerability could bring the association to its knees. The first big responsibility of the pioneer team will be therefore to initiate dialogue between the various political divides in the Sub division so that development can bear.

Nonetheless the association according to skeptics has to be ambitious enough to know that the entire Oku sub division needs good road infrastructures, social amenities and to amend the tented image of the Sub division that has been presented to neighboring tribes and the world in caricature form.

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