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Volunteers from the German Society for the Advancement of Culture (DGFK)

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Aaron Kaah

Two volunteers from the German society for the advancement of culture (DGFK) Lutz Fluegge and Renate Perner on a cultural exchange program are in Cameroon on the invitation of the Center for Appropriate Technology CAT-Cameroon. The two volunteers are gifted entertainers who are assisting CAT –Cameroon on its knowledge sharing campaigns on alternative sources of energy and the importance of solar energy to households in the rural areas of Cameroon, low cost building materials and the need to sustain and protect the environment.

Lutz and Renate have accompanied CAT to schools, villages, and institutions to share knowledge on the above topics and to bring aspects of German culture closer to the people of the North West Region through song and dance. The high point of their visit was the organization of a tombola and puzzle at the CAT head office last Feb 18th 2012 which pulled across section of the public. Lots of prizes and gifts were won by some people in the audience.

Lutz Fluegge is the Dean of studies in the faculty of Cultural entertainment and development while Mme Renate Perner is the Vice Dean in the Faculty of Arts and Design at the Bamenda Royal University.

This is the third conservative time the two volunteers are in Cameroon.

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