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Bamenda is one of Cameroon’s 3rd largest cities with a steady population growth as a result of urbanization and rural exodus. Unlike most Cameroon cities Bamenda is reputed for lack of industries and plantations. . Despite the high level of the scholarisation in the city 30% of the city youths are with out white collar jobs. In a bid to make ends meet most of these youths have taken up crafts arts and design as a profession. The availability of wood and natural low cost material like grass, bamboos, fiber and special beat has seen the city youths producing crafts ranging from bags, baskets, chairs, caps and cupboards etc. some of these Crafts like bags carry message of love and unity and are insignia of cultural heritage and pride.

These crafts pot ray not only the rich vast traditional cultures of the grass field of Cameroon in color, styles and design play an important part in the decoration of the city streets and handicraft shops. Wood works also occupy a major pre occupation of the youth. Carpentry workshops line the main streets in the city and provide a source of income for the boys. Carves made in the best of traditional cultures like mask and foot tools float the city handicraft shops and carry with them the strengths and inspiration of the respective designers. These crafts have remained a tourist attraction for the city.

These crafts which are now a source of hope and joy for the youths in these sector preserve the not only the artistic know how of the people of the grass field of Cameroon but sustain the various cultures The high demand for the products and the importance of the forest and nature has seen the high cost of protecting the environment by the government and the local people.

It is on this effort that the Cameroon government is calling on the citizens of the country to sustain and protect the environment and forest home to these natural resources that boast and foster the socio economic and cultural development of the youth and country at large.

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