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Mini hydro power

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Cheap and affordable energy for the rural communities in Cameroon. CAT Cameroon boasts energy supply in Remote Akwaya Community

Aaron k Yancho in Akwaya

Kerosene lamps and sore eyes were once routine elements of grading student’s home work at the Akwaya community for many decades.. But a mini hydro power installation plant has dramatically changed all that this October 2012. Mr. Enong Mathias can now proudly go through the pile of books stocked on his table, without worrying that the onset of darkness will put an end to his night work thanks to this new mini hydro energy. Today, Cameroon remote villages like Akwaya in the South West Region of Cameroon are tapping this free and clean energy source from sunlight and waterfall to generate electricity in their homes and to meet up with their dreams of civilization.
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Analysis of the Mobile Lighting and Battery Charging Market in Cameroon

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The overall objective of this study is to elucidate potential areas of intervention by SNV in the existing market for small RE lighting and charging systems, particularly in rural and peri-urban areas of Cameroon. This is to be accomplished through the following specific objectives: 
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Farmers Seeking Renewable Energy in Cameroon

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Bio gas technology increases food crop production and income security


Some livestock farmers in Cameroon with animal dung are now adopting bio gas technology facilities in a bid to improve sustainable natural resource management by improving soil fertility and to reduce deforestation for fuel wood. The project which is supported by a development organization working in the area of poverty alleviation and care for the earth is helping these rural resource limited Farmers to increase crop and animal production from using the full potentials of digester affluent as organic fertilizer and crop waste from harvest to feed animals.

At the bamendakwe community in the NW-Region of Cameroon some farmers share the benefits there are deriving from this technology which they say is cheap and affordable.
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Round the World

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Kids and toys (pdf) is a small booklet, which has been prepared on the basis of work with different NGOs in the country and gives information about handicrafts and appropriate technology including climate friendly housing. This happens by using simple painted figures.
The value of self made things, the usage of garbage for playful purposes up till music instruments,the possibility to construct climate friendly buildings from apparently simple materials and to use them through de-centralized technology, to making diverse vehicles run by using solar technology; these are the aims of the booklet, because children are more open to new concepts as compared to stressed out adults and career oriented students. Practical examples, for example baking a cake, go along with booklet as a rule.

Whether in Pakistan, Cameroon, Columbia, Iceland or Germany, the English language is taught at an early age and this is the reason, that the few terms are given in English.
Download Kids and Toys (pdf) here.


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Learning through Information and Communication Technologies

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Information and Communication Technologies boast the learning abilities of children in Cameroon during holidays

Learning Information communication technologist provide children hope and employment in Cameroon. Primary and secondary school education curricula often neglect or omit issues related to ICT’s in Cameroon. In the rural areas children have little or no access to ICT’s. When these children eventually get to universities, the possibilities of accessing information on the net are lacking or when they finally gain employment their out put is low due to their little or no knowledge of ICT’s.

In Cameroon an NGO called Ramsi ICT’s house based in Yaoundé the country’s capital and other major cities and townships across the country is creating early awareness by teaching children how to use ICT’s like cell phones, digital camera and computers in a bid to create a positive image in them on this new dynamics and how they can impact their lives and future.Read more »

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Traditional Culture and Future Development

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More than 10 years of project work have not been completely documented, and described in an introduction by Koumpa Isa / Governeur NWR and a prologue is written by Prof Dr Mathew Basung Gwangfogbe.

Part 1: By program director of CAT, Mr Njini Victor Ndu

Part 2: By Aaron Kaah Yancho with articles about the region. He is also the publisher

Part 3: With articles on the topic Development and Practical Work, by Dr Senta Siller, the project initiator and Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, who also organized the picture material and the epilogue comes from Prof Dr Anthony Ndi.

Download the pdf file here.

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