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Two hands make work lighter

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Aaron Kah

Wangbé is a Heifer International Cameroon farmer who wanted her family to become closer. Wangbe was schooled by Heifer International Cameroon through GIC Boyare of Goudjouing. She has been married to Watey Joseph for 15 years and they have three children.

Wangbe and her family live in where farming is in a precipitous decline due to drought. Her spending income was seriously compromised. “It is true we did not have enough money to meet our needs, I was managing by selling gravel that I gather around the village; with the money I bought salt and soap for the family,” she said. Limited resources and poor communication between Wangbe and her husband led to a series of hostilities. “It started with my husband’s excessive consumption of alcohol that brought division in the family,” she said crying. The woman, too, retaliated by drinking but her financial situation only deteriorated, leaving her and the children malnourished. “I could not stay for more than three months without abandoning matrimonial home in search of solace anywhere,” said Wangbe. The Heifer International Cameroon training on integrated agriculture, gender equity, HIV and AIDS, composting, pen construction broadened her mind. The donation of pigs and donkeys to her as a Heifer International Cameron helped her put the ideas she learned in the trainings into practice.

Hopeful, Wangbe reduced her alcoholic intake and concentrated on her farming. She used techniques she learned Heifer International Cameroon. Her hard work attracted her husband to join in the farming activities. “As time passed on my husband also started to change,” she said. The husband and wife now took care of their animals together. Two sets of hands made the work lighter and their children began also helping to care for the animals. They began using compost on their fields and used donkeys to till the fields. Their efforts tripled the food crop yields.

The husband became more conscious of his duties and gave off alcohol. “Last month, we decided to sell some of our harvest {cowpea} in order to compile documents for our child to seat for the entrance examination to secondary school. I am surprised that we now live in peace in our house” Wangbe said. With available food crops and a steady source of spending income the couple is a happy one in their locality and their children are healthy. “For me it is a miracle that we are living in peace,” Wangbe said.

The couple is thankful to Heifer International Cameroon for assisting them to find love and happiness. Their plans are to help others in their community find it, too.


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