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Assisting Struggling Villages

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The Nigeria/Cameroon Mixed Commission will soon address the problems of ``struggling'' villages caught in between the Nigeria and Cameroon boundary.

Director-General of the National Boundary Commission, Mr. Sadiq Diggi, disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja yesterday.

Diggi said the mixed commission had been working towards solving the problems of villages in Bakassi since the International Court of Justice ceded the area to Cameroon.

According to him, the commission is currently engaged with the delineation of the area. ``We are now about to finish the delineation exercise; we started from Borno and now we are at the head of River Taqua Bay which marks the end of the land boundary. "We have started putting in actual pillars, the pillars have gone almost one third and after that, the actual work of the survey will continue.

"While delineation is going on, unfortunately, we continue to experience villages struggling from one country to another and that we have to contend with. ``But we promise at the end of the whole exercise the mixed commission is going decide what to do on the issue of the struggling villages,’’ he said.

The director-general also advised that boundaries between states or nations should be demarcated to prevent problems between such states or nations.

"That way it will be much easier for people to agree on the terms and conditions of demarcation while they are at peace rather than when they are in disagreement,'' he said.

Diggi thanked Federal Government for empowering the commission to carry out its duties properly.
“I have to say that we are really very grateful to the government because our budget this year is by far much better than the budget of the last two years. â€œWe hope to continue with our affairs non-stop, it will help to enhance the activities of the commission," Diggi said.


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