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Bambungo Integrated Mental Health Care {BIMEHC} welcomes CAT -Cameroon and its Volunteers

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Aaron Kaah Yancho

The conference hall of the Bambungo Integrated Mental Health Care (BIMHC) in the Ngokentujia division of the North West Region of Cameroon Feb, 20th 2012 was jammed to full capacity as the pupils and students and their parents who had come to welcome the CAT team sang in dance and joy to the honor of their guest.

The pupils had congregated from the Catholic school Bambungo, and the students from Government secondary school, Government high school, Government technical school and Star comprehensive college Bambungo under the BIMHC educational scholarship scheme offered by the center.
In a welcomed address to their August guests the director of the center Tumenta John said it was a dream came true for their pupils, students and their parents to have CAT Cameroon and its volunteers at their center. Mr. John told the center supported students and pupils that the event called for vigilance because it was a great learning exchange experience for them on renewable energy and environmental protection. John thanked CAT Cameroon for choosing his institution and for respecting the partnership to friendship and collaboration. The BIMHC boss told CAT Cameroon and its volunteers that his center was providing financial support and material to some 92 students and pupils from 6 different institutions in their community chosen from under privilege homes thanks to the financial contributions of friends of BIMHC in the Diaspora and home. Mr. John prayed CAT Cameroon and its volunteers the best and his students and pupils a rewarding learning experience.

Addressing the audience in the wake of high song and dance the director of CAT Cameron Njini Victor said the aim of their visit and theme of their campaign centered on building a sustainable environment. While laying emphases on the importance of protecting the environment, Victor called on the children to protect their environment by planting trees and seeking more affordable ways of waste disposal in their respective communities and livelihoods. The Director of CAT logically introduced the listeners to renewable energy sources and traced that the mission of his organization and aim was to exploit natural low cost resources at the best minimum for the social and economic development of households in the rural communities in Cameroon. He said the challenges posed by AES Sonel and high cost of energy bills called for an alternative source of cheap and affordable energy for cooking and lighting. A long lasting question and answer session ended the discussions especially on the advantages of solar energy in the communities.

The CAT Cameroon volunteers Lutz and Renate spiced and punctuated the discussions with sketches and musical drills. The high point of the event was the donation of medical equipment to the Bambungo Integrated Mental Health Care center by the Volunteers and some sporting paraphernalia to the students and Pupils of the BIMHC scholarship scheme.
In appreciation to the gift one of the Staff of the BIMHC Ghigha Immaculate said it was a blessing to have CAT and it volunteers in their center. The lady praised the volunteers to heaven calling on God to replenish their sources. A sporting event led by the volunteers with the children and their parents brought entertainment and joy to the audience. CAT affiliated with the Bambungo Integrated Mental Health Care in 2005 when it installed a solar plate for the production of energy in that in that institution.

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