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Of the Power of the Small

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To preserve traditional cultural assets


Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch

No matter what is conceived or initiated, - more or less quickly the thought process moves to mass thinking and mass production; The motive in the background is to be able to participate in global events.

Even if such thought processes are understandable due to the global spree, still the preservation and support of small-scale and unspectacular projects are necessary.

It is not the globalization and digitization that represents the basis for the future, but the increasingly disappearing analog, the cultural asset that has emerged at some point - similar to the arctic seed vault in Spitzergen in the area of plants and horticulture.

It is urgently needed to support the delicate shoots of such projects is urgently needed, including the preservation of the environment.

The usual commercialization of such projects is counterproductive and destructive!

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