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Sima Hanna's hard work

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Aaron Kah
Sima Hanna is an appreciated beneficiary of a Heifer International Cameroon gift of sheep in Moutourwa subdivision of Mayo Kani division of the Far North Region of Cameroon. Hanna received her blessing through her GIC Djounoukom Vou of Mordok in 1999. She is mother of five children (3 boys, 3 girls), a girl in secondary school and two boys in primary school. The last two children are not yet of school going age.

Before Hanna braved poverty, she farmed by hand for a living almost like every woman in her community, low harvest and the lack of support from her spouse down played good yields. The woman also kept some small animals from which to source additional income but her little knowledge of proper animal husbandry left her and the animals at the same level.

Heifer International Cameroon responded to the plight of Hanna and her group members when they applied in 2009. A series of capacity building modules on leadership, group dynamic and management, compost making, improved sheep husbandry, gender equity, on HIV & AIDS and Heifer International cornerstones were handed down to the farmers. “In addition, I received a two-wheeled truck, improved seed varieties (cowpea, groundnut and maize) and four sheep (3 female and 1 ram)” Hanna said. The awareness unmasked the talent in Hanna as she intensified her farming activities; from the animals she got manure for her farms. “I harvested 200 kg of maize compared to 100 kg last farming season on the same piece of land” Hanna excited said about her progress. Observing the visible signs of development Hanna’s husband submitted to her plea for support at work. The husband’s untiring support in household chores and farm activities reflected visibly in their output. “I sold 100 kg of maize at 12,000FCFA ($24), spent 6,200FCFA ($12.4) on clothes and the rest on food during end of year festivities” the woman said. The family had plenty to feed on and that made the once impoverished family healthy.

Hanna with her sheep “Before Heifer International Cameroon’s assistance, I used to have on average of 20,000FCFA ($40) from sales of animals”. She said. Hanna earned 75,000 FCFA ($150) from the sale of three sheep at the beginning of the project. This was the base of her spending income. The couple is saving for rainy days. Their children are in school doing fine and their present renewed hope challenges the past “I now feel happy in my village as both men and women respect me for my ownership of animals” Hanna confirmed. The couple has vowed to show appreciation to the donations of Heifer International Cameroon with hard work. Their financial empowerment is also a motivation to share with the impoverished “I want to thank Heifer International Cameroon for what she has done to me and my family I pray God to continue to bless you all,” Hanna wished.


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Children are the future of climte change

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CAT Drills Students on Renewable Energy

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Every dau Cameroon

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Thanks here


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About Centre for Appropriate Technology {CAT}

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Centre for Appropriate Technology (CAT), is NGO based in Bamenda, Capital of North West Region in the Republic of Cameroon.

Vision of the NGO, founded in 2001, is development, presentation on exhibitions and promoting of appropriate technology. For men, do-it-yourself usage of appropriate technology gives a hope of independence from central technical infrastructure. And for women handmade dolls, dressed in traditional attires from the different provinces is a means of additional income generation in rural areas. CAT also involves children in different initiatives through Youngsters Club.

CAT has develop active cooperation with foreign NGOs like Technology Transfer and Training Centre in Pakistan, Institute for Planning and Consulting, German Society for the Development of Culture (DGFK) and Bamenda University of Science and Technology (B.U.S.T).

This blog, in addition to useful information about Cameroon (one of the most diverse African countries that is called Africa in Miniature) and its culture and people, will covers CAT initiatives and projects.

Mr Njini Victor is Programme Director and Sobe Manasse, Programme Coordinator and Assistant at CAT.

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Douala - Gateway to Cameroon

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Douala is the capital of Cameroon’s Littoral Province and the largest city of the country. Most people know Cameroon, by Douala, in other words it is the identity of the country. Besides that, Douala also has another significant importance in the region as it is home to Cameroon’s largest port and its major international airport “Douala Airport”. Both airport and the “port” serve as gateway to not only Cameroon but also a connecting point for neighboring countries such as central Africa, Chad, Niger and Nigeria.

In 1986, Douala became a Sister City of Philadelphia and Akhisar, Turkey mainly because it is the largest port in West Africa and the unofficial economic capital of the Cameroon. The richly diverse population that represents more than 130 ethnic groups in Douala was last estimated 1,448,300. The name “Douala” has its origin from early 17th century and it is believed that it was actually named after a tribe that settled in the coastal area of Cameroon.

Being the biggest port in the region, Douala serves as commercial capital of the country. Consequently, it handles most of the country’s major exports, such as oil, cocoa and coffee, timber, metals and fruits. This also makes Douala the richest city in the whole CEMAC region (Communauté Economique et Monetaire de l’Afrique Centrale), consisting of 11 African countries. Other countries, member of CEMAC are Central African Republic, Chad, Equatorial Guinea, Gabon and Republic of Congo. On an overall basis, the CEMAC region is rich in mineral resources, with oil and gas exports accounting for almost 80 per cent of the West African region’s total exports, however, despite the abundance of natural resources, the majority of the population in the member states still lives in a below poverty line conditions. The key institutional bodies of CEMAC, such as the Conference of Heads of State, the Council of Ministers and the Bank of Central African States (BEAC) are also based in Cameroon.

For a tourist, Douala is an excellent location situated on an estuary of the River Wouri that represents a delightful mosaic of colorful markets, historic churches and museums unfolding vibrant and rich African history. Also one prominent attraction is the equatorial forest on Douala’s outskirts that serves as a sanctuary for dozens of species of birds, animals and plants.

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Volanta in Cameroon

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Cameroon Currency

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Cameroon Currency is Communaute Financiere Africaine franc or CFA franc in short. One CFA is equivalent to 100 centimes. The currency of Cameroon is under the monetary area of France and tied to the Euro. The currency issued by the Bank of Central African States is valid in Cameroon.

Cameroon currency is available in notes and coins. Notes of Cameroon are of the denominations CFA franc !0,000, 5000, 2000, 1000 and 500 while the denominations of coins in Cameroon are CFA franc 250, 100, 50, 25, 10, 5, 1. The Conversion rate of Cameroon currency is as follows: 1 US Dollar is equivalent to 482.460 CFA Franc or 1 CFA franc is equivalent to 0.002073 US Dollar.

The import and export of the currency of Cameroon is subject to certain restrictions. The import of Cameroon currency is limited to CFA franc 20,000 whereas the export of the local currency depends on the purpose of the tour. Export for tourism purposes is limited to CFA franc 20,000 while for business purposes it is CFA franc 450,000.

Import and export of foreign currency is allowed in Cameroon. The Euro is easily exchanged into Cameroon currency, as is the US Dollar. Credit and debit cards are accepted in limited airports and hotels. Travelers cheques other than those in Euro have an additional charge.


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About Cameroon

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