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On the occasion of Senta Siller's 88th birthday in 2023, the Friends of the SSDC in TGD have resolved to publish a memorandum in her honor.

This should not be understood as a homage to a person who always rejected such endeavors, but rather as an appreciation of an unusual idea, namely income-generating measures for people in rural areas, based on traditional culture and using local resources, and highlighting the selflessness of the project. This stands in complete contrast to the prevailing and increasingly growing global effort towards equalization of all cultures, discounting the fact that they are the real wealth of a country. Wealth is irrevocably lost in the onslaught of technology euphorics.

Senta Siller has worked in different positions and countries throughout her life. In more than 75 years of activity, she has met countless people, a large number of whom can no longer be interviewed. In this writing, however, a few voices were able to have their say, in which they fondly remember their encounters with this unusual woman, not only in her doll-making projects.

Rarely do we meet people who are unselfishly active for society's benefit.

The present publication intends to stimulate the reader in the undertaking, in the sense of making a certain effort, even if everything else speaks against it, - all for the welfare of the general public, even if such projects, as initiated by SSi and implemented with the help of many volunteers, are directed completely opposite to the global and digital mainstream.

The editors would like to thank all the people, organizations, and institutions involved who have supported and continue to support the work and ideas of SSi.

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