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Even if political, social and health problems and misery hinder the projects in the NW region or make visits from abroad impossible, digital communication still works.

One of CAT's projects is the KidsClub, which has been regularly overseen for many years by R.Perner and L.Fluegge.

The KidsClub arose from the CAT initiative CAT Club, in which selected schools in the region received a set of alternative technology (SolarCooker, Wind-Mill, etc.) from CAT and were able to gain experience with it.

This initiative resulted in the KidsClub, which, under the umbrella of CAT, introduced children to the possibilities of alternative technology in a playful way.

Every year the foreign volunteers support the project for CAT-internal events, in which in the current situation, i.e in the backdrop of months of school strike, then school closure due to the pandemic, Manasse Norbert is now able to attend high school.

Enclosed is a recent photo from the first day of school in a long time.

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