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Boosting Imaginative Abilities in Children is the Best Form Of Education - German Volunteer

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By Ignatius Nji

Peter Hecht, an artist/painter, carver, sculptor, musician with specialty in Spanish music, says each time he tries to think deep and bring out a new idea either on canvass, on wood, on a stone or in music form, it makes him so happy and fulfilled.

This German Volunteer who was in Cameroon and had working sessions with children in the domain of arts, carving and sculpture said, boosting the power or imagination in children is the best form of education. To him a child can only grow fast when that child is allowed to explore his or her imagination. The education of reciting, cramming and reproducing people's ideas and thoughts which most often donot reflect the reality of today's world are all obsolete.

During his brief stay in the restive Northwest Region of Cameroon in May and mid June 2019, precisely in Bamenda at the Center for Appropriate Technology CAT located at the Bamenda handicraft center, Mr. Hecht had some arts and craft sessions with a group of children below 15 years. These children were coached on how to explore their inner thoughts and feeling and bring them out in drawing using various colours.

This study programme was as a resultof the cooperation between CAT and DGFK, It was dubbed artist-in-residence-programme.

Designs were demonstrated on walls, floors, and terrace and on cardboards and canvass. Peter, who has soft spot for animals both on land in the water, also had sessions with some carvers and sculptors introducing the use of flame on wood to produce dark coloured sea orchid. He was able to savor some brass work with a Bamenda based brass smith. All along the children were given the opportunity identify with various forms of art in their own opinion of what they perceive.

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