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Due to the current situation, the activities have to be flexible.

The Voluntary Peter Hecht works of art with children of Kids Club on creative designs, which are displayed in the restaurant of the Arts and Crafts Center.

The equipment installed for CAT's Royal Rehabilitation Centre under Appropriate Technology has been repaired.

The arts and crafts sector has adapted to the current conditions. Mr Basil will work with the foreign Volunteer.

Madam Theresa successfully delivered items according to the orders to the handicraft center, as well as the center of Prescraft.

By Volunteer Peter Hecht as part of the artist-in-residence program, in which he stayed in the guesthouse of the artisan cooperative, so that there is a special proximity to the local woodcarvers.

Volunteer Marlis trains volunteer nurses from Alahkie and gives medical donations to the Royal Rehabilitation Center.

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