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German Volunteer Demonstrates Sustainable Rainwater Collection

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By Ignatius Nji

The so much literature on climate change and its dangers on both plants and animals is evidently affecting the eco-system and causing the volume of water to shrink by day. This phenomenon is as a result of human activities in either felling of trees that minimize production of oxygen or from industrial activities that emit ozone depleting substances in the atmosphere, has become a global cause for concern.

The soil is drying up with the heated climate so much so that in most communities especially in most third world countries with Cameroon inclusive, water rationing has become the order of the day in both semi-urban and urban areas. To salvage the situation and make available enough water in communities, is the collection of rain water during the rainy season and stored in reservoir for later use. A German volunteer, Professor Norbert Pintsch/SES who has been working with the Alahnkie community in Mankon-Bamenda in the pass several years has introduced the rainwater collection system which he terms it Environment Project Solution_ Rainwater Collection as way to safe drinking water. According to Prof Pintsch/SPATH speaking at the Alahnkie Palace last February 16, 2016, said this method of collecting rainwater which is not recommended for drinking, would salvage the water wasted to the soil which could be used for washing of dresses, cars and mob the floors while the limited drinking water is highly maximized. This method though new in some areas, Prof Pintsch says it is practiced in his home country Germany where environment protected household are connected with two quality of water; that for flushing of toilets, shower, washing of cars and cleaning of the house and the other strictly for drinking.

In order to have enough water for use in spite the scarcity, communities should adopt the rain water collection system just like is the case at the Acha annex Hospital Bafoussam where a reservoir is filled with rainwater in the rainy season and used in the hospital for four months during the dry season.

In the same vein Professor Pintsch also carried out a pH test on the quality of water from a solar borehole water scheme funded last year by the German Embassy, Cameroon in partnership with the beneficiary population of Alahnkie under the umbrella of Royal Development Cooperation, founded by Good Will Ambassador King Leshey Simon, executed through CAT-Cameroon. The pH test kit which is for personal use, produced a positive result of 6.8 ph which according to Professor Pintsch is very good for drinking. He cautioned that the pH test kit which is to carry out test in water of salinity and chalk can not be relied upon to produce in depth scientific results in the case of an industrial scale production of water.

In order to facilitate in making known the activities of King Leshey Simon at the Royal Higher Institute for Rehabilitation, Development and Reformation, Professor Pintsch/Njini Victor of CAT handed over a draft copy in both soft and print, a small description of projects, partly in cooperation with the Center for appropriate technology for later multiplication and distribution. An elated King Leshey Simon thanked Professor Pintsch for making work easier for him and his community. Dr Leshey Thomas, chief of cabinet for the Royal University for indigenous medicine and Technology, reminded Prof Pintsch and his team of volunteers that their activities in Alahnkie have greatly elevated the living standard of the over 10.000 people especial the water scheme and the improvement on traditional medicine, in cooperation with CAT-Cameroon The population came out in their numbers thanking the volunteers through a cultural dance and presented a traditional stool for the German Ambassador as a mark of gratitude for providing water at Alahnkie.


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