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German Embassy Provides Clean Water For Alahkie-Mankon

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By Ignatius Nji 

Lutz, Renate and Marlis Volunteers at CAT-Cameroon

The local community of Alahkie-Mankon located far away from Bamenda metropolis in Mezam Division has been provided with a clean drinking water. The water project which is a borehole drilled and water extracted from beneath granite and is generated from a depth of about 42 meters and pumped up in to 15600liters storage underground tank constructed in an elevated area of about 35 meters to supply to community through stand taps by use of solar pumps. The clean water project funded by the German Embassy in Yaounde and partly by the community at Alahkie, at a total cost of about FCFA 11 million was handed to the community of about 3000 inhabitants this Monday May 18, 2015.

The clean water project was realized at the Royal Development Corporation King Leshey center at Alahkie-Mankon. It was executed by the Center for Appropriate Technology (CAT) in collaboration with the Society for the Promotion of Appropriate Technology and Housing (SPATH) via SES / Senior Expert Service, Bonn with Professor Pintsch and DGFK / Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Kultur, Berlin, with Lutz Fluegge. According Njini Victor the Director of CAT, it is expected that this solar pump should pump more water during the dry and in rainy season when there is less sun hour or better still during bad hours, it should at least have 5 hours of sun shine to pump water which is much. It is expected that 10,000 liters of water be produced daily.

Water is running: Prof. Pintsch from SPATH, Cameroon

This clean water project is very timely given that the city taps in Bamenda ran dry some seven months ago and city duelers were often seen storming the rural areas to fetch muddy water from streams. The main goal for the water project scheme is not only to make available clean water for the local people but also to decentralize drinking water for the local community and the Bush hospital aimed at promoting traditional medicine and appropriate technology. Prof PINTSCH believes strongly that this method could a solution for rural areas with guarantee the protection of environment and natural resources.

There is a problem of misuse of water in the communities and the dwindling supply of water is affecting the people. The culture of collection and storage of water especially rain water in underground tanks for later use is still a distance away though possible. There are reports that in California, people no long go swimming for lack of big streams that have dried up.

In Acha annex Eye Hospital located in Bafoussam, there is a large reservoir constructed at the basement to collect all running water from the roof of the hospital. The Directress of the Hospital intimated that with water collected in the reservoir full capacity, the hospital can run the whole dry season without any shortage. The reservoir also provides water for the local community around the hospital. Communities can emulate same and collect water from streams and rainfall, recycle and consume without any dependent on anybody.

In the urban area and in Bamenda City in particular, the people are conditioned to think that clean drinking water must come only from SNEC and electricity must come from ENEO (Sonel) but in local communities, they people can harness alternative sources of energy as the Sun shine, Rain water, springs and rivers. With very little effort huge water tanks which are environment friendly, can be constructed to collect and store this water for later use.

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