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Training Trainers on Arts, Craft for Environmental Protection, Recycling

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By Ignatius Nji

Some four trainees in Bamenda undertook a training to teach children arts and craft that promote environmental protection as used materials are being recycled and put in to use. This laudable initiative by a German Trainer, Renate PERNER from the Senior Expert Service (SES) Bonn, under the supervision of Prof PINTSCH of the Society for the Promotion of Appropriate Technology and Housing (SPATH) as coordinated at the Center for Appropriate Technology (CAT) is coming at a time that the government of Cameroon has ban the use of non biodegradable plastics.

Renate PERNER Training Trainers as Prof Norbert PINTSCH supervises
Providing alternative this training shall empower children in the schools and at home with the know-how to make shoppers’ bag from cheap materials such as newspapers and old textile which can not be harmful to environment. This environmental friendly arts and craft can be learned and practice by everybody to ensure that the environment is protected and safe especially in local communities. The main goal of this training is to foster sensitization on environmental protection and appropriate technology to as important solutions in local communities. The practice can go a long way to reverse the rapidity with which the climate change is affecting the biodiversity. Home made paper bags for shopping would replace the use of non biodegradable plastic that has taken a tool on the environment. 

According to Hon Awudu Mbaya Cyprian, advocates against practices that endanger the environment, plastics can stay intact in the soil for about 1000 years. These plastics in the soil would affect natural growth of shrubs and block water run-ways which in turn propagate unpleasant effect on the water table. The adverse effect of global warming is visible in Bamenda where running streams are drying up and cold areas are getting hotter. For close to seven months Bamenda City was hard hit with the lack of potable water which warrants behavior change.

The training of trainers’ workshop that began on Friday May 8 came to a close on Monday May 18, 2015 with the award of certificates of participation to the four trainees. Some 50 beautifully designed shoppers’ bags were ready for use which was the outcome of the workshop at the Center for Appropriate Technology (CAT). The pioneer trainees awarded certificates of participation are Sobe Celestine, Njini Courage, Ngam Caleb and Ngong Ernest.

According to the Director of CAT, Njini Victor, there are expectations that these trainers would embark on training children. Children would be occupied during holidays and generate some income from making paper Shoppers’ bags. Bakeries and shops can place an order for these paper shoppers’ bags.

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