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Preparation for the Project

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The Project Side

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Work in Progress

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King Simon Leshy at the Site

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Main Entrance Royal University Centre Alah-Mankon Bamenda

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Road to development

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Find friends

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I have seen a cultural shift in my own life time. There used to be different ways to meet and to know each other. Advent of the Internet and collaborative technologies has changed those ways we meet and know each other. What used to happen face to face can now be done online. The terms like friendship and being social are taking on a whole new meaning.

In this age of fast communication, most people in the world are looking for friends on the Internet. This surely is true for those who have integrated the Internet into their lives and are looking for suitable online hangouts or chat rooms. This has given birth to sites and Internet chat services. Now there are different Internet chat rooms, each with their own niche, style, features, costs and requirements.

iMeetzu.com is one of the best websites that allows you to meet and chat with strangers online, similar to Omegle and Chatroulette. However, iMeetzu.com also adds a social network so that users can save their favorite new friends. Like many others, I have been paying attention to chat sites. iMeetzu.com is a very vibrant community. Have a look who all are there. May be you find some likeminded people to hangout with.

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Honorary Doctor of Science

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Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch has been working tirelessly on Appropriate Technology in Cameroon, Pakistan and elsewhere.

I have the fortune to be familiar with Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch’s work in Technical Transfer and Training Center (TTTC) for Men in remoe Pakistani Village Thatta Ghulamka Dheroka, Mud Housing Project at Lahore and also what he has been doing to promote African energy through the use of solar energy with the meaningful and active cooperation with Senior Expect Service (SES) Bonn-Germany and Society for the Advancement of Culture (DGFK) Berlin Germany as solutions to Climate Change and adaptation.

Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch has experience with no less than 133 projects since 1976 and each one of them has made a visible difference in more than one ways.

To recognize the work of Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch, the Senate of the Bamenda University of Science and  Technology (BUST) on the Nomination of Board of Governors of Industrial and Educational Development Company (INDECO) Ltd have conferred upon Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch the Honorary Title of Doctor of Science with all the Rights and Previleges Thereto Pertaining in Recognation of his tangible Services to the Cause of Appropriate Technology on Feb 19, 2011.

Big congratulations Prof Dr Norbert Pintsch.
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About Product Impex

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At Product Impex, we work with dedication to help our clients throughout the world to realize the full potential of what we do better. Everything we do reflects this vision that makes it possible. Our mission is to provide one stop shop for range of products in different areas.

Product Impex offers competitive products with high quality, low price. Being in business from past 10 years with over 10,000 satisfied clients world over makes Product Impex your one stop shop for exclusive range of custom products that include aprons, sports wear, beach wear, overalls, salt and range of salt products and salt artifacts.

Dedicated and experienced team of professionals at Product Impex excels in innovation exactly in consonance with your unique requirements. Product Impex prides in working with clients from the start. Simply tell us what you need and you can leave the rest to us.

Our main areas of expertise are:

Aprons for paramedic to restaurant staff
• Beach wear and sports socks for men, women, kids
• Overalls for work and play
• Salt and wide range of salt products

You can also discuss with Product Impex about your specific needs and we will offer our best advice on the nature of product or a solution that might suite your own unique settings. Feel free to reach us for consultation sessions.

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Towels from Pakistan

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We are all so familiar with towel – basically a piece of absorbent fabric for drying or wiping. It draws moisture through direct contact, often using a blotting or a rubbing motion. Common household textile towels are made from cotton mostly or a few other materials. But cotton towels are the best.

Based on their diverse usage, there are different types of towels - bath towel, beach towel, foot towel, hand towel, Oven towel, disposable towel, show towel, sports towel, sweat towel or gym towel, flannel wash cloth, washcloth, or face cloth, wet towel , microfiber towel, cloth towel dispenser or continuous cloth towel , sanitary towel or sanitary napkin a bar towel and much more.

This hand piece of cotton is also used for purposes other than drying things. You can think of any use of this closely held personal item in any situation. That is what has made a household item. We at Product Impex specialize in all kind of towels from any material and in any size, style or color. Have a look at our display here and see what we offer and how. In addition, approach us and tell us your own unique towel requirement and we will help you with choose what suites you the best and deliver exactly what you want in your own settings.

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