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CAT, SES, DGFK Setting The Pace For African Energy

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In a bid to promote African Energy through the use of solar energy, the Centre for Appropriate Technology, CAT – Cameroon in partnership with Senior Expect Service (SES) Boon-Germany and Society for the Advancement of Culture (DGFK) Berlin Germany have for the past days organizing “open day” and public exhibitions on some appropriate technologies as solutions to Climate Change and adaptation.

A series of solar training workshops for students in Cameroon and the North West Region in particular by CAT Cameroon and its partners is training students on photovoltaic system which is a solar energy system that provides electricity directly from sunlight. It produces clean, reliable energy without consuming fossil fuel and can be used in wide varieties of application like radio, lighting and even large scale electricity supplies.

Before promoting the use of solar energy, CAT Cameroon led by its Director Njini Victor, SES led by Dr. Norbert Pintsch, DGFK led by Lutz Fluegge and Mrs. Renale Perrier have been cress-crossing schools in the North West Region educating the students that conventional fuel sources have created a myriad of environmental hazards such as global warming, acid rain, smog, water pollution, rapid filling waste disposal sites, destruction of habitat from fuel spills and the loss of natural resources. It is against this back drop that CAT and its partners are out to educate the entire population that photovoltaic systems do not pose these environmental problems.

Today, many photovoltaic modules use silicon as their major component. The silicon cells manufactured from one tone of sand can produce as much electricity as burning 500.000 tons of coal. Today, photovoltaic modules supply electricity to more than one million homes and create hundreds of thousands of jobs world wide. One of such sensitization tours took place at Alah-Nkie at the Royal Development Cooperation Foundation. The free passive solar Active Technology training workshop brought students from ENS Bambili, students on Youth Forum Programme from CRTV Bamenda. In the presence of Prof Norbert Pintsch, Lutz Fluegge and Renale Perrier, CAT’s project coordinator Njini Victor drilled the students and villagers on the need for the use of solar energy and the various environmental problems caused by conventional fuel sources. In the long and short of it, it was a free passive solar active technology training workshop for the students and villagers characterized by interactive stage plays by Lutz and Renale as part of their ongoing campaign against environmental degradation and climate change and adaptation for children in Cameroon.

At Baptist Comprehensive College Nkwen, students and teachers were equally drilled on the need to diversify and choose solar energy because it serves health and money. Njini Victor outlined the disadvantages of relying on other sources of energy than solar energy. He and his team also sensitized the students and teachers on how medicinal friendly trees can be planted to prevent global warming. Before the workshop rounded up, students were called upon that the only way forward is to have an autonomous

house that produces its own electricity. The students were taken aback when they saw some demonstrations on the use of solar energy on household equipment. The principal of the school Bumenang Eugene appreciated CAT and its partners for choosing his institution as one of the beneficiaries of the workshop.

Over the years, CAT-Cameroon has been collaborating with schools like JMBC Ndu, BCHS Njinikejem Belo, SAC Kumbo, BHS Mankon and others, organizing free passive solar active technology training workshops for students. It has also been organizing open days or public exhibitions on some appropriate technologies as solutions to climate change and adaptation.

During such, some site attractions like cooking, baking, drying, boiling, lighting with solar energy have often taken pride of place. It should be noted that CAT Cameroon has been excelling in the field of appropriate technology with a ten year experience. They have also been working in partnership with Africa Energy in Arizona in the US.

Away from that, song, dance and fanfare characterized the arrival of Njini Victor, CAT Director, Prof Norbert, Lutz and Renate at the Alah – Nkie Royal Home for the laying of the Foundation stone for the construction of the Royal Rehabilitation Centre for the treatment of mentally handicapped persons, the abandoned and under-privileged children. The project according to Prof. Norbert is an example of appropriate technology, financing and implementation in a rural area based upon, traditional methods, local materials, autonomous functioning and flexible. The project is expected to engulf a walloping sum of FCFA 300 million.

The project designed by the Institute for Planning and Consultancy IPC in Germany, is expected to have a school, hospital, workshops, a Biogas plant, solar installations and rooms. According to Prof. Norbert, the project is one in Africa and its construction will depend on foreign donors, and the Government of Cameroon.

Appreciating the gesture, the Regional Delegate for Culture North west congratulated Prof. Norbert Pintsch for helping Ambassador Simon to realize the project which will go a long way to improve on lives. He congratulated Prof. Norbert, Lutz, Renate and Njini Victor for coming to lay the Foundation Stone. He equally lauded CAT Cameroon for the efforts to educate people on the need for solar energy. The Delegate called on Njini Victor not to relent his efforts because if solar energy is propagated as it has to be, and then there will be a solution to frequent power cuts.

The Royal Rehabilitation Centre for the care and treatment of mentally handicapped persons and the under - privileged and the people’s centre for development is a project of Ambassador Simon Tabufor Lesley who saw the effectiveness of his medicines for the treatment of mentally handicapped persons and to reduce the high number of mental patients in our streets.

The centre will also act as the reformation and training of already mentally handicapped persons.

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