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Africa in Miniature

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The Republic of Cameroon is primarily known around the world for just two things: football and music. But number of are aware that this nation is also teeming with tourism attractions that can’t be found elsewhere. Cameroon, whose majestic natural beauty is really a aspect in luring visitors in, enjoys a more stable political and social system compared to other African nations. With this, travelers to Cameroon are treated to a a lot more urbanized experience.

You’ll find a hodgepodge of cultural groups scattered across the region which brought about some 200 linguistic groups. In spite of the variety and differences, The Republic of Cameroon has a small but thriving tourism industry. If your in the country, it pays to go to the Waza National Park, which is the biggest and best-run wildlife reserve in West Africa. Right here, holidaymakers can opt to go on a safari trip and see the iconic African animals few have seen in real life such as gorillas, rhinoceroses, chimpanzees, elephants and even hioppopotami or participate in big-game hunting.

Those who are looking for relaxation will also discover what they’re searching for in Cameroon. Unknown to many, the beach towns of Limbe and Kribi are the eventual beach getaway in Africa. Limbe is in fact an English-speaking town with black-sand beaches even though the Kribi population speaks French and boasts of pleasurable white-sand beaches.

Newbie African travelers ought to be ready to face poor transport choices and now and again even accommodations despite Cameroon being far more stable than other countries within the continent. This, although, does not imply that the attractions and wonders to be observed in Cameroon are equally as bad due to the fact they’re not.

Traveling to Cameroon is an epic adventure that ought to be made at least once in any adventure-seeker’s life. Besides, the Cameroonian government wouldn’t be promoting their land as “Africa in Miniature” for nothing. [Via]

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Your choice?

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CAT, Centre for Appropriate Technology, Bamenda
Natural system, Open System or Closed System; what is your choice?


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CAT Involves Children in Fight Against Climate Change

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